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Philadelphia-born native Hana Redding hopes that by sharing her story through her debut book, Living with NF & Story of Survival, she can inspire as many people as she possibly can. Hana has always wanted to share the long journey she has experienced through living with neurofibromatosis and to bring awareness to others who may not have heard of the disease. Enjoy a tale told straight from the heart that is meant to inspire and help you pursue your dreams. If this story resonates with you, more books and poems are on their way, so check back frequently to keep up-to-date on Hana's writing. Be on the lookout for Hana's Podcast as well, coming soon.

Living with NF & Story of Survival By Hana Redding

You never know how something that you think is so small can turn into chapters of the unknown. My parents thought they had a healthy daughter because I was born with ten fingers and ten toes, but they were dead wrong because on one particular day, when Mom was getting me dressed, she noticed small spots appearing all over my body. Mom became so concerned she rushed me to children's hospital to be seen by the doctor. I was seen by the doctor right away.

As he began to exam me, he had this strange look on his face, like what he had seen on my body was nothing like he'd seen before. My mom began to cry again while asking the doctor, "Is my daughter going to be okay?" His response was "I'm not sure, but I think she might have NF, a rare genetic disorder. Some tests have to be run.

Come back in one week, and we will know exactly what's going on." Upon arriving home, Dad was sitting on the couch and said, "What's up, bossy?" It was a nickname my dad gave my mom. Her response in a loud tone of voice was "Our daughter Hana might have NF." Dad's response was "What? Huh, what's that?" Mom began to yell, "You should have been there! You're never around!" All hell was about to break loose. I ran upstairs to my bedroom and slammed my door, still hearing my parents arguing back and forth.

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Writing Guidance

If you're looking to tell your own story and don't know where to start, you can count on Hana Redding. She offers her knowledge of writing to you to make the process as quickly and smoothly as possible. Reaching your goals as a writer is much easier to achieve with Hana's step-by-step guide to getting published. Don't worry about your schedule; she can work around you and your needs to set up a meeting that works for both of you. Through FaceTime, your writing guidance session is available to be set up anywhere in the country and in Canada.