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An Inspirational Tale By Hana Redding

When you have to live with a disorder or disease, it can be a struggle to find strength and keep going. Writer Hana Redding understands the feeling well when a doctor's visit found that she was beginning to display symptoms of neurofibromatosis (NF). Having your life turned upside down like that can cause significant distress. Experiencing this firsthand, Hana has wanted to spread her experiences to others who are faced with problems to show them that they can overcome them. It is her hope that she can to inspire others so they can try hard in everything they do. Whatever you're facing and wherever you are, you can overcome anything if you try.

Writing Services

Known for publishing the inspirational tale, Living with NF & Story of Survival, and the poem, Stars of Our Hearts, Hana is here to help offer her experience with writing for other individuals looking to get published. She works alongside you through FaceTime to go through the steps of writing a book, getting published, and more. Hana is always available to work around your schedule, no matter how busy you may be.

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Hana Redding has always loved writing because it can convey stories of love and relationships. Writing helps you see all that life has to offer and many of the different things that others have experienced. It helps to teach you that the difficulties in your life are capable of being overcome and that life can continue as regularly afterward. Hana hopes to tap into this aspect of literature and share her story with others so they can see the things she has experienced. She wants her writing to motivate and inspire others to overcome the challenges in their lives. Hana also has a second book in the works that will focus on the interaction between relationships and will feature as a comedy for others to enjoy. Wherever you are in the US or Canada, Hana's writing is available for you.

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